I have with some excellent collaborators started a live stream show where we chat about themes concerning migration, revolution and the state where one looks upon once land from afar. 

Revolutions need Lawyers

 Basma Mahran and Ahmad Al-kurdi will discuss the topic ‘revolutions need lawyers’. 

  Basma Mahran,  born in Egypt , resides in Berlin working as a project assistant for a consultancy firm with a focus on Migration and diversity.

   Ahmad Alkurid  born in Hama, Syria, is a programmer, filmmaker and author based in Berlin since 2014.

Here is a link  :

              Password: InProgress

CIVIC CITY : Participation, Politics and the Art of Cohabitation

Inspired by the lesson learned on my radio show The Minority Report transmitted monthly on ; I collaborated with Caram Capp and Johannes Braun of ACUD MACHT NEU to do a five episode live panel talk on minorities and their lives are in Berlin. People from different walks of life were invited to chat with us about the social, economic and political lives of minorities and their contribution to society at large. we have ever more thankul for their collaboration.

I would like to say thank you to Caram and his excellent wizardery for making it happen, Ranav for making us able to livestream these talks and for Johannes for your advice and expertise on how such projects are propely run. I am greatful for all our guests that showed up and gave us their insight and perspective and the people who were present as well as thos in cyberspace for tuning in and listening to us. I promise these won’t be the last of this conversations.

Here is a link to all the shows of CIVIC CITY : The art of co-habitation:

Enjoy these episodes and give me your reply at


Starting February 2, 2024, We are starting a breand new project by comissionsing exhibitions, panel talks, radio shows and installations featering Artists, cultural practitioners and people from different walks to life about the lives expressed in migration, abuse, trauma and resources availabilty for those who have arrived recently as well those who have lived in this society for a very long time. we explore the inside-out relations of being a small community of different norms in a bigger and more ossified community to whom transaction, inhference and culture, religion and practices have been known to be at times opposed.

Starting February 2, our exhibition will be open for a month with installations, photographs, images and videos depicting the varied perspectives of different artists from the Minority community.

Join us on February 2, 2024 at ACUD MACHT NEU , Veteranenstr. 21 for vernissage of this Event!!!